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Renaissance Woman:
"person with many talents and/or areas of knowledge"

I've been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember.  My parents always supported this journey I've been on since I was in elementary school.  Growing up & watching them always have some form of their own business for all of my life - being able to have a front row to all their many successes...and a few setbacks - help mold me into the professional, business woman I am today.  I've owned businesses ranging from tutoring to sales to credit repair to real estate to beauty - the list goes on.  There are very few areas of business that I have not experienced in some form.  I do not claim to know it ALL...but I do know a LITTLE about a lot of things, and A LOT about a few things. :-)

What makes me different?  My style of business is authentic, real and with integrity.  Although I have many years of experience, I'm always on a path to grow and learn more.  I believe we can all learn a lot from each other.  Where you may have a need, I can help fulfill that...and vice versa.  I'm not perfect, I have not always made the "right" choices and I don't feel any more professional by trying to pretend as I have - you can learn as much from my mistakes as you can from my successes!

Life is about more than just managing to stay alive for the longest time possible.  It's our duty, to our masterful Creator, to be productive and pay our blessings forward.  That's what I intend to keep doing.  So welcome to my site!  Get comfortable, take a look around, make a purchase, soak up some info...the light stays on here all the time!

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