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Feeling STUCK? Get INNOVATIVE with Your Business!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

It's a talent that really everybody has, yet they believe they don't - the mightiness of invention! If you've ever wondered at somebody's originative prowess, guess what? YOU are able to produce and innovate also everybody is born just takes time. They didn't give the box of crayons in kindergarten to only a few; as the fact is, everyone has potential.

Think about how long it took to discover how to ride a bike...or drive...or to not make the same error over again? Well, it's the same with INNOVATION. It takes a little practice and much time before this brain function issues forth easily when summoned. Here are a few ways YOU can impart innovation into your life:


As a general rule, don't listen to others and follow your OWN intuition. Listening to the input of others will only bestow noise to the music you're attempting to make. If you have an original thought, don't waste your time and sweat attempting to make individuals understand - they won't - and the help you're likely to get may only come in the form of damaging feedback. If all the historical geniuses in the world heeded their peers, we'd likely still be living with no electric.


I can't stress that enough, although, don’t misunderstand and quit your day job altogether! (I must add this disclaimer because I have no extra rooms for you to move into here at "Casa de Savee" lol) This calls for some crafty time management but with a bit of discipline, you'll be able to embrace both.


Like, it out. Take a walk. Run a mile or 2. Send out all those endorphins flowing through your veins. Exercising definitely clears and relaxes your mind...and help you gain a bit more INSPIRATION!


Yea, I know...this may sound crazy, but humor me for a few seconds. Can you admit that even a few of of your dreams are sometimes the most off-the-wall things that your witty mind could ever dream up? I already know you have - it'll be our secret. Well, guess what? Those dreams just show you the untapped, forward-thinking power you have resting within. So, go on...just do it...keep a notebook next to the bed so you can jot down your wacky "sleep movies" as soon as you wake up. Those dreams might just produce an innovational spark in you!


What keeps the fire burning? What is the one thing that you'll regret most if you don't accomplish? When you want something so badly you become virtually unstoppable - THAT is passion. Occasionally individuals with talent are overpowered by the individuals who want it more. Passion will keep you moving.

Incorporate some of the above into your everyday life and watch the lightbulbs start to spark!

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