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Do you IN SPITE OF what others do!

For some people, this is actually a good thing.  But for those folks, like me, who give their all into relationships with people, it can be rather disappointing.  Like most of you, I bet we could write books on the countless times we GIVE-GIVE-GIVE to a relationship and it's like the other person just doesn't reciprocate on the same level...or even CLOSE to the same level.

One of the greatest thing I've learned is that sentence I quoted above.  OH MY! If only I knew (and understood) that when I was 13...and then in high school...and then in my early 20's!  Hell, I didn't really GET this probably until I was around 27 or so.  After a certain point, I found myself jaded by friendships, especially with women...I found myself putting up this wall that was damn near impossible for ANYONE to tear down, and if they did, I'd just put up another one...I was about to a point where I had this almost "pessimistic" attitude when it came to developing ANY kind of relationship with ANYONE!  And HONESTLY???  I was really unhappy! I mean, think about it, that's a sort of miserable way to live....

So once I TRULY grasped the concept that I should not EXPECT anyone to treat me in the same manner I do them, but STILL do it anyway...that has made ALL the difference!  Don't get me wrong, I still have to catch myself sometimes!  At times, I'll think to myself, "Should I even bother doing this for _______, because I know they probably wouldn't do it for me."  But then I snap back and realize that I have to create my OWN karma and if my intention remains on doing good for someone else, it'll come back around.  It may not come directly from THAT person, but it WILL COME!

Now, trust me, I'm not writing this to impress you with my growth...please believe, I'm still a work in progress.  My spirit just spoke to me today to write this.  So maybe there is one person, just ONE person, that may read this today, that's going through something with a relationship right now, that may need those 14 words I started this post with today... 

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