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Anything worth having is worth working for!

We've all heard this before, right?  Well, if you knew that just putting in a few hours of study a week could have you replacing your current income in the matter of...oh, let's say, 6 months??? Would you be willing to put the time in?

I have the information you need to get started. Now, please understand, this is not a "be-a-millionaire-tomorrow" type of thing.  You WILL have to put it time studying, practicing & educating yourself, but as one of MY past mentors would say - once you GET it and your earnings become consistent, you get ALL that time back!

Before we go any further, let's address some things I'm sure you're wondering:

  • This is NOT a build-up or solicitation to sign you up for any program or company.  You choose what option works best for you.

  • Outside of the training & mentoring I provide, the abundance of resources I will share are FREE99! 

  • The training  and resources I share with you will help get you started...


  • If you are not COMMITTED to put the time into learning this skill, please do not move any further!

  • This requires a FOCUS and CONSISTENTCY! If you're looking for a shortcut, this is NOT for you!

  • Again, I am sharing this information as my GIFT to you!  I don't expect anything in return other than you creating a legacy for your family.

  • I will bring you to the water - it's up to you to drink!

You have 2 options to LEARN THIS SKILL:



Using our exclusive educational platform, FOREXnCHILL. You will have access to private team chat, private team groups, special classes, scalping strategies, trade ideas & signals, custom & exclusive indicators and more. The subscription for these services* are $129/month - no contract. For more information or to enroll, please click HERE.

(You can also choose to do NOVICE courses for $49 or INTERMEDIATE courses for $99, individually)

*Two (2) Auto-Traders created EXCLUSIVELY for our team is also available at no additional cost. We have proven profits of 20%+ per day using these hands-free, auto-traders.


*For those interested in obtaining a FUNDED ACCOUNT (through FTMO), our team has an exclusive plan to get you rolling in 30 days or less! At NO EXTRA COST!



Please see pricing and schedule your classes below.