Business Consulting

As a Business Consultant, my services vary from client to client, or from project to project.  To begin, I carefully review your current business operations and offer recommendations that will improve efficiency, enhance and expand your business.  I advise you on strategies, planning, and business processes which will helps develop their business skills and knowledge.  We will work together to determine appropriate marketing techniques relative to your business and how to most effectively use them to succeed and better serve your clients.

Image Consulting

As an Image Consultant, my goal is to guide you to express and project an appropriate, yet authentic, appearance to make great first impressions, and accomplish goals for any personal, social, or professional situation.  I help you understand and embrace the notions and perceptions you create through your image.   

I provide products and services to improve, enhance and empower you to be a more CONFIDENT version of yourself!  My expertise is inclusive of not only products and services, but also how to properly apply makeup, hair, grooming, body language, speech and etiquette.